Digital Health

We live in an era where online communication is an essential part
of our lives. Whether it be social or for work, we have to do as much as we can through our
online presence, and dental health is no exception. Following the detrimental impact that
Covid-19 has had on the dental health industry, Genix Healthcare are now providing online
video consultations through the Healee App which is GDPR compliant with additional strong
privacy policies in practice to support this. No matter where you are in the world, Genix
Healthcare can provide you with advice and support from an experienced dentist. No
waiting weeks for an appointment. No old magazines in a tense waiting room. No finding
out later that your dentist is not qualified for the specific procedure you need. And if all this
wasn’t enough, if they cannot help you online, there is no charge.
And you don’t have to wear the silly glasses.

As the first dental company to provide an online service through the Healee App, Genix
Healthcare have removed these obstacles and have reduced the process down to a matter
of minutes. The Healee App is specific to medical applications, so is secure and refined to
your needs.

For the majority of situations, the physical presence of a medical professional would of
course be advantageous. For example, if you broke your leg, there’s only so much a video
call could do to help you. However, for our oral health, a great deal can be achieved through
a consultation with a trusted professional in a fraction of the time. It’s as easy to use as
Facebook or Skype and allows patients to attach relevant electronic health records to the
video consultation, assuring an accurate and personal experience. The Healee App provides
you with a specialist after a quick initial assessment. Compare this to the physical world, in
which you would have to be referred by a general practitioner to a specialist who may be on
the other side of the country and booked up for several months. It is common for there to
be a deficit of medical specialists in certain areas, which makes the Healee App the perfect
solution as it can connect you with a specialist who could be thousands of miles away.
The Healee App has the answer for everything. It contains a useful chatbot which tells you
the most likely cause of your symptoms; lets you store any past or present symptoms and
conditions; lets you set medication schedules and reminders; and allows you to
anonymously share your data on health forums, meaning you can help and be helped by
others with similar issues. Also, in a world where privacy on your smartphones is something

of a question mark, the Healee App is secure and does not have access to your email or any
images or messages shared with doctors.
Working together, Genix Healthcare and the Healee App provide the world’s first top quality
dental consultation service.