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Welcome to Genix Health Care our Alnwick Practice

My name is Helga Hansen-Haria and I joined Genix Healthcare in January 2015 as a Dental Nurse. In the time I have been here I have worked my way from Nurse to Senior Nurse. I gained experience in the role while the practice was duel site managed, and was then asked to be interim manager for 6 months. After this, I was lucky enough to be offered the managers position. I’m so proud of our practice here in Alnwick and would love to introduce you to the team that look after you when you’re here.

Simona Alexandru (Qualified in 1991) has been with us for over 3 years. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge. After she qualified she worked in Romania, she lived and worked in Canada for years before joining us. Simona, has very high interest in cosmetic dentistry as well and having vast experience in providing an outstanding NHS service. Simona’s newest skill is Botox, and this service will be launched very soon to the practice.

John Clark (Qualified in 1999) has been with us for 2 years. John qualified and worked in New Zealand before moving to Scotland to work, and then he hopped down to England and joined us when moving into Northumberland. He focuses on providing a high level NHS service for the patients here. While taking an active interest in training and further learning, he strives to help our team develop and grow to be the best we can be.

Kim Kerr (Qualified in 2005) has been with us for almost a year. She qualified in the UK and has gained experience working across the North East, Borders and Scotland. Kim has a vast knowledge of NHS dentistry and additional experience in providing cosmetic services. Kim particularly strives to work in an effective and positive environment for her patients.

Sanaa Sohail (Qualified in 2007) is the most recent addition to our team. After qualifying in Pakistan, she has joined us to develop her NHS knowledge and put her valuable dental experience to good work for the patients in Alnwick. Sanaa has a wide range of knowledge which she is to put in place for our patients.

Todor Hristov (Implants, qualified in 1998) has provided Dental services for the practice for several years. He qualified in Bulgaria, and completed further training in the UK and around the world since, including his Masters.  He has been a part of our NHS team and is dedicated to our Private Dental Services. He is highly qualified in providing Dental Implants, and has a wide range of private services to offer out patients.



Julie Pethrick, our Head Receptionist has been here for over 2 years and takes pride in ensuring you receive fantastic customer service from the minute you contact us. Having a history in the retail industry she is the perfect person to guide the team in ensuring your patient journey is pleasant.

Francesca Robson our Dental Nurse has been with us for 2 years. She has extensive knowledge in supporting the dental team and our patients. Since qualifying she has completed additional training and has taken a particular interest in Implantology. She guides the team in striving to work above and beyond, and shows this by working as our decontamination lead and legionella supervisor.

Dawn Soulsby is training with us to become a Dental Nurse. Dawn joined us with the drive to deliver a kind and caring service for the patient. She keeps this standard daily, and sets a precedent to deliver a well informed and reliable service. She has also developed on to be a qualified first aider at work already.

Sam Eungblut is training with us to become a Dental Nurse. Sam joined us with ambitions to be the nurse who keeps on developing. Once qualified she plans further post graduate training within the dental nursing role. I am sure that Sam will be on going with her development as she strives to learn every day.

Brenna Fisher is training with us to become a Dental Nurse. Brenna joined us to be a part of our outstanding healthcare service. Brenna has developed on to become a first aider at work. She has been a huge part of our multi-practice team and has developed her skills while supporting ours sister practices.

Nikki Petley, our latest nurse, is training with us to become a Dental Nurse. Having previously nursed in the RAF, she has a fantastic knowledge that is helpful on a daily basis. Being a mum of two she has already demonstrated her ability to teach children the importance of oral hygiene.

Suzanne Wilson has been with us almost 2 years. Suzanne is a valued member of the team who brings life into the practice every time she arrives. Thanks to her we have fantastic domestic standards that many of our patients have commented on, as being to an outstanding.

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