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Let me introduce you to our wonderful team.

My name is Danielle Stead and I am the dual site Manager of this practice and Genix Healthcare in Hull.

Our dentist is Efstathios Mentzaz and he is supported by our wonderful Dental Nurses, Natalie Coates, Georgina Webber and Alison Kemp.

Georgina has recently passed her Dental Nurse exam and we are all very proud of her. Well done Georgina!

We would like to welcome to the team our newest member, Abigale Robinson who joined us in April 2015. We hope you enjoy your new career with Genix.

Sonam Varma is also new to the team and taking Shilpa’s place at the practice full time. Welcome Sonam. Sadly Shilpa Endla left the practice to go back home to her family. She will be missed by all the team!

Welcome back Pauline Gowthorpe, who has recently come back to work for Genix after a 2 year break. We are very happy to have you back and look forward to working with you again.

Our wonderful Dental hygienist, Samantha Cook, joined Genix in May 2014. She initially qualified as a dental nurse in 2008 and later went on to graduate as a Dental Hygienist and Therapist from Leeds Dental Institute in 2013. Samantha has a passion to help patients improve their oral health. She regularly attends post graduate courses to continually update her knowledge and skills.

Last but not least is our receptionist Pauline Gowthorpe who will welcome you with a smile and our two enthusiastic Apprentice Dental Nurses Ellie Tooke and Abigale Robinson.


The dental hygienist is a highly trained and highly skilled clinician and a senior member of the dental practice team.

The dental hygienist’s job is to support the patient in understanding their treatment, to offer patients oral hygiene advice and suggest an oral health care routine, to carry out preventive cleaning procedures, and to relieve the dentist of some of the more mundane ancillary treatments and pre-treatment processes.

Many hygienists regard the preventive aspect of their role as of the primary importance – while the dentist is concerned to treat problem tooth and gum conditions once they have arisen, regular appointments with a good hygienist can often prevent such problems occurring.

It is a fact of life that most dentists are under constant time pressure, and there is often little leeway in a treatment appointment for dentists to spend as much time with each patient as they would wish, and so their explanations are necessarily brief and sometimes misunderstood. This is perhaps especially true of NHS practices, which since the latest changes to the structure of NHS dentistry are now under contract, and answerable to, their local Primary Care Trust. Part of the role of the dental hygienist is to spend more time with the patient to offer a fuller explanation, as well as post treatment professionally cleaning, de-scaling and polishing teeth to improve their appearance.

Dental hygienists are also qualified to replace a temporary crown in an emergency, and in many practices are delegated to take the impressions, or moulds, which are used to make accurate dentures or crowns. With more time at their disposal, many patients appreciate the more relaxed atmosphere of a hygienist appointment to discuss and learn more about the best ways to care for their teeth.



Hygienists are able to suggest daily home care regimes which take advantage of the latest oral care products and suit individual life styles.

Skilled and experienced hygienists are proud of the immense contribution they make to their patients’ oral health by minimising the incidence of potentially painful teeth and gum problems.



Danielle & Bethany

Myself and Dental Nurse, Bethany, recently visited Penshurst Primary School in Hessle, spending most of the day with around 120 children aged between 3 to 7.  The children were all very receptive, joining in with the games and learning about oral hygiene.

The visit was so successful that we had to return again on the Friday to continue with the rest of the children.

As more of our practices take on the role of educating children on preventative oral health problems, Genix Healthcare is putting together a plan of action to secure the future of our children’s teeth.


The recommendation to visit your dentist regularly is a straightforward reflection of the universally accepted health care dictum, ‘prevention is better than cure.’

No one would travel to an exotic tropical location without first receiving the necessary vaccinations to ensure their protection from endemic local diseases, and only a regular appointment with your dentist can safeguard the health of your teeth and gums.

It’s easy to take your oral health for granted, since tooth decay is usually invisible and the obvious symptom of pain is often absent until the condition is relatively advanced.  Gum disease is also surprisingly common among the adult population, and this condition too can mask its increasing severity with a seemingly benign lack of discomfort. Left untreated, gum disease ultimately leads to teeth falling out and prosthetic replacements, whether removable or fixed, may be difficult to adapt to corrupted gingival surfaces.

The early stages of other potentially damaging oral conditions also show few symptoms recognisable to the sufferer, and only a visit to the dentist can identify their presence and instigate remedial action. Most practices take regular x rays during alternate check ups to be doubly sure that you do not suffer any unpleasant surprises, and many patients are not aware that their dentist is also always on the look out for any sign of oral cancer, where an early diagnosis is vital.

The early detection of decay (caries) can make the difference between saving or losing a tooth; at the very least, treatment is simpler, quicker, less painful and less disruptive to the patient’s lifestyle.

Putting off an appointment because your mouth feels fine and there were no problems last time is inviting tooth decay or gum disease to creep up on you. Even if you follow a strict oral hygiene regime, ask yourself how many meals, snacks or sweets you eat over several months. Your teeth and gums work hard and deserve to be looked after.


We hope this gives you abit of an insight into our practice at Market Weighton we greatly appreciate your feedback so we can improve our services. We look forward to seeing you next time you visit Genix.



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