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9 October 2013

The Genix Healthcare Apprenticeship Program

The £250,000 project was first launched in 2011, and through the program Genix Healthcare aims to provide aspiring dental professionals with high-quality training and opportunity for employment. In this article we have a chat with Joanne Whiteoak who is  is among the first group of nurses to graduate from the Genix Healthcare Apprenticeship Program.

Dental nursing is a second career for Joanne Whiteoak, and one that she’d been meaning to get into for quite a while. But when the 28-year-old quit her job in the travel sector to pursue her dream, she found that it wasn’t easy to convince dental companies to give you a chance if you haven’t got the experience.

Joanne Whiteoak

“Genix Healthcare was the first company to see the potential in me, and with them I’ve done really well. They’ve been very supportive in my path to becoming a dental nurse.”

Joanne found working within the Genix Healthcare system enjoyable and rewarding. “It was a really good experience, personally I think it’s the best way to learn. Everybody was really friendly and there was always somebody there to support me.” Though the newly qualified nurse wouldn’t describe the training as easy, she found the challenge of mastering a new profession and the accomplishment she felt from acquiring critical skills invaluable.

She also feels that she received a lot support from Genix Healthcare to help her finish the program and receive her qualification. The program allotted a certain number of hours during the apprentice’s workdays for course work and examinations, and when Joanne had any questions at all, the staff in the clinic she was working at were always wiling to help her out. Genix Healthcare also regularly held individual assessments with their apprentices to make sure they were mastering their skills correctly and completing the program at a good pace.

But although a lot of support can be expected from the company and the staff, Jo feels that those interested in taking this course should have some degree of self-sufficiency as well.

“The coursework we needed to do was really good, but you do have to have a lot of self-motivation to get some things done before the deadline. Unlike a classroom setting where you have the teacher in front of you, you’re left to your own devices more when learning through webinars and Skype sessions,” Joanne advises. “You just need a certain amount of discipline, but you need that anyway if you want to become a dental professional.”

Joanne feels that the program has helped her grow as a professional, and is now a hundred percent more confident in her work than when she first started. She is currently speaking with Genix Healthcare senior management about furthering her education with courses on sedation and oral surgery. She maintains that the big career change she decided to make has been one of the best decisions in her life, and Genix Healthcare is very much to thank for their part in that.

Genix Healthcare hopes that through sponsorships such as these and through its own apprenticeship projects, it can raise the standard of young professionals not only in dentistry, but in other industries as well.


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