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14 March 2014

Mustafa Mohammed goes to Number 10 to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week

 Leeds-based healthcare entrepreneur Mustafa Mohammed was recently invited to attend 10 Downing Street as part of the National Apprenticeship Week celebrations.


Mustafa is a well-known figure in dentistry, and is Managing Director of Genix Healthcare and Owner of Sparkle Dental Labs. He is also Chair for the Trailblazers programme in dental health, and has been a key figure in helping to promote apprenticeships in dentistry. As part of his role, Mustafa heads up a group of national associations, employers and educational institutions working to improve the quality of apprenticeships to give apprentices the skills and training they need to help their employers grow and compete.

As testament to Mustafa’s work promoting apprenticeships, he was invited to 10 Downing Street for a reception to mark National Apprenticeship Week. Mustafa attended the event alongside apprentice dental nurse Courtney Morgan-Jones, where they met Chancellor George Osborne MP and Mustafa was congratulated on his on-going commitment to apprenticeships and promoting British jobs.

Mustafa Mohammad said: “It really was a great honour to be invited to 10 Downing Street to such a prestigious event. I have always been passionate about apprenticeships in dentistry, and as such I am proud to be associated with the Trailblazers programme. I believe apprenticeships can be an excellent way to give young people the skills and experience they need to build a successful career within the profession.”

Meanwhile, apprentice Courtney Morgan-Jones said: “I had a sort of nervous and excited feeling beforehand, but it was a great experience – fantastic. And the paintings were fabulous!” Courtney was also eager to sing the praises of the apprenticeship scheme: “I’d definitely recommend it to other young people. It’s given me a great start in the career I want to do.”


Dentist Helen Barnes, who has been training Courtney, agrees. She said: “With the apprenticeship scheme, everybody wins. Courtney is brilliant and is actually one of the best dental nurses I have ever trained. She’s only 17 but she has a fantastic work ethic and takes everything on board. I’d urge other businesses to take on an apprentice – it allows you to train someone from scratch and it gives young people who may not want to stay in academics another choice, where they learn by actually doing the job. Courtney is going to be a very great asset to the practice.”

To find out more about the Trailblazers programme in dentistry, and how your company could get involved, contact Mustafa Mohammed:

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