Emergencies – Genix Healthcare


Do you have a dental emergency?

Please call your practice during practice opening hours. If you don’t have their number to hand, use our  contact page. Outside of practice hours, please call your practice and listen to the voicemail. This will provide details of how to access emergency dental care.

My child has knocked out a tooth. What should I do?

Is it a baby tooth?

Don’t worry. Permanent teeth will eventually grow in to the space, and it is unlikely the tooth will need to be re-attached. It is important, however, that you still make an appointment to see us, as your dentist may need to fit a space saver to prevent neighbouring teeth moving into the space.

Is it a permanent tooth?

Contact us immediately to request an emergency appointment. By following the instructions below you will improve the chances of saving the tooth.

  1. Rinse the tooth with milk or salt water
  2. Don’t scrub or brush the tooth
  3. Place the tooth back into the socket and ask your child to bite down onto a tissue to hold it in place
  4. If you can’t place the tooth back into your child’s socket, store it in a container filled with milk or your child’s own saliva.