Wrinkle Reduction

Do you want younger looking skin and fewer wrinkles? Then let GENCARE COSMETICS help to reverse the signs of ageing.

We provide botulinum toxin injections that help to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles.

A very low dose of botulinum toxin is used for cosmetic treatment. It is ideal for treating wrinkles caused by facial muscles that have no significant function, such as deep creases between the eyebrows, crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes and forehead lines. Injecting these lines has been shown to be very successful.

Botulinum toxin cannot cause any damage to the body because it attaches itself to the muscle and cannot pass into the bloodstream. The action on the muscle is never permanent.



– Smoother, younger looking skin
– Non-invasive surgery
– Only one visit is required for the procedure