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13 August 2015

Smilevision comes to Genix

smilevisionSmilevision is now installed on all our TV’s within our practices for the benefit of all our patients.

The ‘Smilevision’ software allows us to show in more detail some of the treatments that Genix Healthcare offer such as implants and facial aesthetics, as well as advice on important issues such as brushing your children’s teeth, flossing and the benefits of visiting a hygienist.

Any treatments that a patient is interested in can be emailed in a leaflet format directly to the patients personal email address for them to look at in more detail when they get home.

Another advantage is the software also shows, up and coming movie trailers and Sky news which helps nervous patients take their mind of the dentist whilst they are waiting to be seen. The trailers all have a ‘Universal’ classification, so amuses and appeals to younger children as well.

The system is pretty flexible, allowing patients to view special offers for the month as well as a facility to upload practice news and upcoming events in the practice.

After only a week into the scheme, the feedback coming back from patients is very positive and has enhanced even further, an already pleasant and friendly atmosphere within the Genix practices.

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