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● Join Genix Healthcare, where patients always come first. We turn frowns upside down and create smiles to be proud of.

● We provide affordable dental treatments and cosmetic services, meeting the needs of all patients in Tickhill.

●  Genix Healthcare has over 14 years of experience and has won 12 national awards.

● Patients receive their own personalised treatment plans, making your journey easy and enjoyable.


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Join our dental plan for as little as £9.75 a month

Including oral cancer screening and hygiene.

Our Treatments

Book a no-obligation virtual or phone treatment consultation from the comfort of your own home. Find out more

Regular check-ups help keep your mouth healthy and detect the early signs of any dental issues – plus you’ll get great oral health advice from Genix experts. Find out more

Get immediate treatment for toothache, chipped, broken or missing teeth, lost fillings or crowns, broken orthodontics, abscesses and more. Find out more

Restore the look of your teeth and improve your bite function, oral health and overall confidence with a long-term solution to tooth loss. Find out more

A quick and affordable way to fix cavities and other dental flaws, we offer a range of fillings in different shades to match the natural colour of your teeth. Find out more

The clear alternative to metal braces for kids, teens, and adults. Speak to our Invisalign-trained orthodontists about fully removable, discreet aligners designed to perfectly fit your mouth and your lifestyle. Find out more

Get a natural, healthy-looking smile and improve the shape, colour and position of your teeth with hard-wearing ceramic or porcelain veneers that blend in seamlessly. Find out more

Brighten your teeth and smile with confidence with our safe, affordable, dentist-approved professional whitening system. Find out more

Looking to replace missing teeth? Restorative options like dentures and dental bridges can help rebuild your smile and restore your confidence. Find out more

Suffering from cracks, sensitivity or discolouration? Genix specialists can replace the visible portion of the tooth with a protective crown that looks and feels like a normal tooth, blends in seamlessly and delivers a healthy-looking smile. Find out more

Get much-needed relief from the pain caused by an infected or abscessed tooth and keep your smile healthy with our expert root canal treatment. Find out more

Fractured, decayed, discoloured or chipped teeth? Composite bonding is a pain-free, minimally invasive procedure that uses a tooth-coloured resin to quickly repair the problem, with great-looking results. Find out more

Our highly-trained hygienists will remove the build-up of plaque and bacteria on your teeth and around the gum line and also offer AirFlow stain removal. We’ll identify any underlying issues and provide you with peace of mind about your dental health. Find out more

If your tooth has been broken or damaged by decay, sometimes it can’t be repaired and needs to be removed. Our experienced dentists and oral surgeons will safely extract it under local anaesthetic to ensure any discomfort is kept to a minimum. Find out more

Protect your smile while playing contact sports – be ready and have a custom sports guard or gum shield made by Genix Healthcare. Find out more

Let Genix help reverse the signs of ageing and get smoother, younger-looking skin with dermal fillers and non-invasive wrinkle-reduction treatment. Find out more

Economy Plan- £7.30 per month: 1 Examination including oral cancer screening and 1 Scale and Polish

Essential Plan- £14 per month: 2 Examinations including oral cancer screening and 2 Scale and Polish

Periodontal Plan- £34.95 per month: 2 Examinations including oral cancer screening and 4 Periodontal Appointments

Hygiene Only Economy Plan- £9.75: 2 Hygienist appointments

Hygiene Only Premium Plan- £19: 4 Hygienist appointments

0% finance available

Spread the cost with affordable monthly instalments.

Looking for a dentist in Tickhill?

Genix Healthcare offers affordable private dental treatment in Tickhill, South Yorkshire.

From our well-established town centre practice, we’re actively making dentistry accessible to everyone.

If you need high quality dental care but can’t currently access a dentist, we can help.

With affordable treatment options designed to promote healthy teeth and gums and create beautiful smiles, our dental services are available for all the family.

We’ll create a personal treatment plan for you, and you’ll get an estimate of costs before any treatment starts.

Our team will put you at ease, and as well as offering a full range of modern general and cosmetic dentistry services, we’re experienced in aligners, dental implants, smile makeovers and dental hygiene.

Genix’s Tickhill dental practice is situated on Northgate, in the heart of Tickhill, and new patients are always given a warm welcome by the friendly, professional team.

Our opening hours are very convenient for patients – we’re open six days a week. You can get dental plan cover and choose from a range of treatment tiers, all of which include oral cancer screening and hygiene. The cheapest cover plan starts from just £7.30 per month.

From routine dentistry to a full smile makeover, if you need a dentist in Tickhill, Genix Healthcare have got it covered.

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Genix Healthcare – Tickhill Dental Clinic